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Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola (born July 11, 2000), also addressed as Layi Wasabi, is a sensational Nigerian polymath. He is a comedian, lawyer, content creator, and social media influencer.

Layi Wasabi‘s meteoric rise to prominence can be credited to his uproarious online comic videos, which have amassed millions of fervent views across various digital platforms. What sets his comedy apart is its fusion of trenchant social commentary and cutting-edge satire, a concoction that leaves viewers amused and enlightened.

But it’s not just his wit that endears him to the masses. Layi Wasabi possesses an uncanny ability to forge an intimate bond with his audience, earning accolades for his humor’s profound relatability. Through his comedic alchemy, he has become not just an entertainer but an emotional conduit, seamlessly connecting with hearts and minds.

Early Life

Layi Wasabi, the comedic genius, was born in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, on July 11, 2000. Raised in a nurturing middle-class family, his formative years were an orchestra of laughter and love, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey ahead.

Within the walls of a local high school, Layi Wasabi‘s comedic brilliance unfolded like a rare gem, endearing him to friends and family with his clever quips and quick wit. Laughter seemed to flow effortlessly from his soul, leaving all who encountered him spellbound by his charm.

After completing high school, Layi Wasabi ventured into the hallowed halls of Bowen University to study law. Yet, the magnetic pull of comedy proved irresistible, and after two years, he bravely abandoned the confines of academia to pursue a comedy career.


In 2017, Layi Wasabi burst onto the comedic scene like a supernova of laughter. His journey began humbly, sharing short comedic videos on social media that swiftly earned him an ardent following. The shift occurred in 2018 when he graced the renowned AY Live comedy show, owned by Ayo Makun, a celestial event in Nigeria’s comedic cosmos. His performance was nothing short of brilliance, catapulting his career to heights.

Since that auspicious moment, Layi Wasabi has ascended to become one of Nigeria’s most beloved comedians. His comedic orbits have taken him to major events across the country, while his celestial videos have orbited social media, garnering millions of views.

Layi Wasabi‘s comedic style is a constellation, blending social commentary and satire with celestial charm. Yet, his connection with the audience sets him apart, a cosmic bond transcending space and time, leaving laughter in its wake.

Layi Wasabi Net Worth

Layi Wasabi‘s accumulated net worth is estimated to be $200,000. His wealth comes from his successful comedian career and social media following.

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